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Skyline Designs originated in Cornish, NH in 1986. Rick Bean and Mark Overman went into business together building cabinets and store fixtures. Sometime around 2010 they came across a once-in-a-lifetime deal for a whole room of graphics equipment. They saw so much opportunity and potential that they added a graphics department to their building in Newport, NH. With the graphics department growing so rapidly we thought that it was important to let each side have their own recoginition. We also upgraded to a new facility, with better visibility that would allow us to continue our growth. That is where we are now.

While we are growing, we are not losing the things that have made us so successful. Our community and family values are still our priority. We think it is important that every customer is treated with respect and great service. Because we are a small business, we understand the needs of small business and individuals alike. We strive to only provide the best products and we stand behind anything we make. We have such a high quality of service because of our small staff. You need only to deal with one person for all aspects of a job, from consult to production and finishing. This ensures that your concept turns into reality, and that we know our products inside and out to help you decide your best options. Even with our small staff we manage to have quick turn around times, usually inside two weeks.

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